Thursday, December 20, 2012

Never Give Up on Your Principles for Short Term Results

These days have been very challenging. A dear friend of mine was at the hospital in tough conditions and, by sitting next to him, I've learned a lesson that I'll bring with me for all my life.

Never give up on your principles for short term advantages
Don't worry, I won't start a philosophical discussion, but rather keep it very practical.We live in a world that's narrowly focused on immediate results and the principles we choose in our life are sometimes difficult to live by.
21-06-10 Cause I'd Rather Pretend I'll Still Be There At The End ~ Explored #1
We may be tempted to cosmetize facts to please our boss. We clearly see the short term benefits, but what's the end result? Lost trust can't be considered good, even if accompanied by a bit more money in our pocket. We may use edulcorated words to discuss a recent event and again, an immediate advantages are waiting at the door. However, what happens when the truth is presented by others? The recipients may be confused and draw their conclusions about us.

What do you prefer from others? What do you expect from your best friend? What would you expect from your favorite brand?

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