Thursday, July 29, 2010

Fast Company is searching for 2010's Most Influential Person Online

Fast Company started a project to measure how much we influence the online communities. Here is the description coming from their website.
We started with a simple question: Who are the most influential people online right now?
That's what The Influence Project is designed to answer. By participating, you will have your picture appear in the November issue of Fast Company magazine as part of an amazing photo spread. The more influence you demonstrate, the bigger your picture will be.
You may discover that you're more influential than you think.
Influence is not only about having the most friends or followers. Real influence is about being able to affect the behavior of those you interact with, to get others in your social network to act on a suggestion or recommendation. When you post a link or recommend a site, how many people actually bother to check it out? And what's the likelihood of those people then forwarding it on? How far does your influence spread?
This is the type of influence we're looking for. We want to find the most influential person online. Who knows? It might even be you.
How influential are you? Participate to the project by clicking here.

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