Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Talent and Genius

Somewhere on the net I've read this wonderful aphorism from Arthur Schopenhauer:
"Talent hits a target no one else can hit; Genius hits a target no one else can see."
It's really crazy, but a small and simple phrase can stimulate thinking and you can write an entire book on it.

So, what's "talent", do you have definitions of this? What's "genius", can you describe it?
Probably there are many people out there that can be defined talented, but do you know a genius?

I'm thinking more on this, and my conclusion is that, probably, each of us can be a genius in some fields. That's why the new interactive web (web2.0) is now pervasive in everything we do. I can share my mind on a blog, describe something on Wikipedia, connect with friends and share past experience and thoughts on Facebook and create a network of trusted professionals in LinkedIn.

Probably I'm not a genius, but I can share my ideas and if we, as a community, work together on ideas, we can create real innovation. What do you think on that? Feel free to share your comments.


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